FY 2011 - 12 Adopted Operating Budget
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FY 2011-12 Adopted Operating Budget - Entire Document
Spartanburg County Government Profile Transportation
Spartanburg County Council Members Education
Demographics Recreation and Culture
Commerce and Labor Miscellaneous Statistics
County Administrator's Transmittal Letter FY11/12 Expenditure By Type
Summary Of Changes From Administrator's Recommended To Adopted Budget County Organization Chart
FY11/12 Adopted Budget Summary List of Principal County Officials
FY11/12 Consolidated Revenue Summary FY11/12 Budget Ordinance
Significant Revenue Overview  
FY11/12 Consolidated Expenditure Summary  
County Leadership Financial Summary County Delegation
County Leadership Personnel Summary County Administrator's Office
County Council  
Tax Collection Financial Summary Assessor's Office
Tax Collection Personnel Summary Register Of Deeds
Auditor Delinquent Tax
Treasurer Delinquent Tax - Contract Services
  Corrective Action Team
Public Safety Financial Summary Emergency Services Academy
Public Safety Personnel Summary Communications - County
Sheriff's Office Communications - Maintenance
Sheriff's Office - Civil Process Communications - Operations
Sheriff's Office - Grants Communications - Operations 9-1-1
Detention Facility Communications - GIS 9-1-1
Detention Facility - Home Detention Communications - Interfund Charges - 9-1-1
Coroner Communications - Transfers 9-1-1
Emergency Medical Services Environmental Enforcement
Office of Emergency Management Volunteer Fire Departments
Hazardous Materials Rescue Squads
Judicial Financial Summary Public Defender
Judicial Personnel Summary Public Defender Spartanburg
Clerk Of Court Public Defender Cherokee
Circuit Solicitor Public Defender Interfund Transfers
Circuit Solicitor - Confiscated Assets Pre-Trial Intervention - Adult
Circuit Solicitor - Grants Pre-Trial Intervention - Juvenile
Magisterial Court Pre-Trial Intervention Interfund Transfers
District Magistrates Juvenile Arbitration
Master-In-Equity Victim Witness Program
Probate Court  
Public Works Financial Summary Road Maintenance Fee Fund
Public Works Personnel Summary State "C" Funds
Public Works Administration Solid Waste Fund
Public Works Engineering Stormwater Management Fund
Roads and Bridges Methane Fund
Economic Development
Planning and Land Use Personnel Summary Building Codes
Planning and Development Outside Agencies
Transportation Planning  
Operational Support Financial Summary Information Technologies
Operational Support Personnel Summary Geographic Information Systems
Human Resources Facilities Maintenance
Office of Budget Management Legal Services
Finance Department Fleet Services
Internal Auditor Non-Departmental
Records Management General Fund Interfund Charges
Community Outreach and Health Services Financial Summary SADAC
Community Outreach and Health Services Personnel Summary Social Services - DSS - HRC
Registration and Elections Community Development Fund
Veterans Affairs Workforce Investment Board
Indigent Care Services Charles Lea Center
Outside Agencies  
Quality of Life Financial Summary Spartanburg Parks Fund
Quality of Life Personnel Summary Hospitality Tax
Outside Agencies Spartanburg Community College
Accommodations Tax - 2% Spartanburg County Public Libraries
Transfers/Other Financial Summary Capital Projects Reserve
Transfers Debt Service
County Administrator's Grant  
Fund Organization Chart 9-1-1 Phone System Fund
General Fund Information Technologies Fund
Road Maintenance Fee Fund Spartanburg Parks Fund
Stormwater Management Fund Hospitality Tax Fund
Solid Waste Fund Capital Projects Fund
Fleet Services Fund Workforce Investment Board Fund
SADAC Fund Spartanburg Community College Fund
Facilities Maintenance Fund Charles Lea Center Fund
Community and Economic Development Fund Public Library System Fund
Methane Fund  
Appendix A - Authorized Staffing Appendix C - Budget Calendar
  FY 11/12 Authorized Staffing Summary   Budget Calendar
  Staffing Detail by Department   Operating Budget Process
  FY 11/12 Salary Splits Appendix D - Glossary
Appendix B - County Policies