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To Contact...
a County Council Member Go to the County Council section and select the particular Council Member you need. To contact all of the Council Members, send your comments/questions to the Clerk of County Council, Debbie Ziegler, who will re-direct your email to each Council Member.
a particular department Go to the front page select the department you need. Each departmental page contains the department heads with their email address and their telephone number.
an Elected Official From the front page page, select the Official you need. Their Contact Information can be found there.
State Delegation Go to their web site: Also, you can contact the Senior Administrator Assistant, Carol Crowe, at 596-2529
the Library or one of its branches Go to their web site: Also, their contact information can be found on the County's Library department page.
someone about tourist information Contact one of our Chambers of Commerce
someone about relocating to Spartanburg County Contact one of our Chambers of Commerce
the school district or one of its schools Go to the School Districts page, select the district you need. Each district has their own Contact Information page, which lists the different schools in their district with their location and telephone number.
Someone about the web site itself, its structure, how to find a particular page, etc. Send email to the Webmaster