FY 2013 - 17 Recommended Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
Questions or Comments on the FY 2013 - 17 Capital Improvement Plan? Send them to Spartanburg County Director of Budget Management, Cole Alverson at calverson@spartanburgcounty.org
FY2013 - 17 Funding Source and Expenditure Overview On-Going and One-Time Projects
FY2012 - 13 Recommended Capital Year Budget Summary of Proposed Projects
FY2013 - 17 Recommended Capital Improvement Plan Recommended Projects with Applicable Funding Sources
Pay-As-You-Go and Debt Service Overview Proposed Funding Sources with Applicable Projects
County Facilities Repairs and Maintenance Main Detention Facility Kitchen and Laundry Upgrades
Detention Carpet & VCT Repairs Probate Office Expansion
Detention Facility Showers Repairs Sheriff's Office Renovation
Fleet Services Fuel Site Rehabilitation  
Countywide Asphalt Resurfacing Traffic Calming
Municipal Road Projects Rocky Branch/Sterling Drive Extension
Sign Reflectivity Mandate  
Countywide Bridge and Culvert Repair and Maintenance Hampton Road Bridge Replacement
River Forest Bridge Replacement Four Mile Branch Bridge Replacement
Belcher Road Bridge Replacement Motlow Creek Bridge Replacement
Collection Container Upgrade GPS Jobsite Equipment Software
Gas Collection System Expansion Scale Office & Electronic Recycling Construction

MSW Disposal Permitting/Phase VII MSW

MS4 Monitoring Program Septic Tank Repair
Fire Simulator Repair Reidville EMS Station
County Network Infrastructure Document Management and Workflow Collaboration
County Servers and Software Upgrade Network Printer Replacement
Desktop and Portable Computer Replacement Radio Console Upgrade
Affordable Housing and Housing Rehabilitation Target Community Infrastructure Improvements
Target Community Improvements County Comprehensive Plan
Fleet Services Shop Equipment Replacement Solid Waste Fund Vehicle and Capital Equipment Replacement
General Fund Vehicle and Capital Equipment Replacement Other Funds Vehicle and Capital Equipment Replacement
Beech Springs Tennis Complex Find A Park

Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

Parks Enhancement Plan

Blueways for Pacolet & Tyger Rivers USC Upstate Soccer Field Lighting
Overview of Unfunded Projects Project Prioritization and Descriptions
FY 2012/13 Vehicle and Equipment Replacement List General Obligation Bond Series 2005
Ten-Year Estimated Legal Debt Limit Analysis General Obligation Bond Series 2007
Ten-Year Estimated Debt Service Millage Analysis General Obligation Bond Series 2009
Ten-Year Estimated Debt Service Millage Chart Solid Waste Revenue Bond Series 2009
Summary of Bonded Debt Service Payments by Year Certificates of Participation Series 2009
Summary of Outstanding Bonded Debt by Year Brownfields Revolving Loan
General Obligation Bond Series 2003