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The following items as exempt from Building Permits:
  • Retaining Walls not over 4 feet in height.
  • Sidewalks and driveways not over 30 inches above grade.
  • Painting, papering,tilling,carpeting,cabinets,counter tops, vinyl siding, and similar finish work.
  • Re-roofing of buildings and houses.
  • Swimming pools which are an accessory to a home that have a depth of less that 24 inches and not exceeding 5000 gals.
  • Fences.
  • Minor electrical repair work replace of lamps or defective receptacles.
  • Portable Heating Appliances, or replacement of parts to heating equipment that does not alter approval of equipment.
  • Repair of Plumbing, leaks in drains, waste or vent pipe etc. or clearing of stoppages.