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How to Obtain a Residential Permit

County of Spartanburg

If you are here to obtain a residential permit you will need to:
Go to addressing to obtain or verify your address for the location you wish to build upon, if you do not know it..

Are you building the home yourself?
If yes, you will need to know the following for completing the building permit application:

If no, the contractor should have all the above information along with his contractor’s pocket card from Columbia.
You will need to be able to give accurate directions as if you were leaving from this building to go to the site.

Is there an existing septic tank or is there public sewer?
If no, then you need to make an application for a septic system or if public sewer you must bring a PAID receipt from the sewer provider.

  • The fee for the septic system application is $150.00.
  • The building permit can be issued only after the approval of the septic system from the Health Department.

When you are issued the building permit you will be given instructions on how to obtain inspection results.

You may occupy the dwelling only after you have received a final inspection and a certificate of occupancy from the Building Permits Office.

Before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued the address must be on the structure with numbers being at least three inches high.

If you have any questions, or if you do not understand what you are being told to do, please do not hesitate to ask the clerk to explain to you again, slowly, what you need to do. If we can be of further service, please call (864) 596-2656.