Spartanburg County Master-In-Equity Foreclosure Sales
Sale Date - October 6, 2014

The Master-In-Equity sale will be held in Magistrate Courtroom #2 (bottom floor) until further notice.

Please note: If you are the successful bidder at the Sale, you will be required to deposit five percent (5%) of your bid in cash or certified check at the time your bid is accepted. As a general rule, you know how much you are willing to bid for the property in which you are interested. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED FIVE PERCENT (5%) WITH YOU, DO NOT BID.

(Updated on Fridays)

Roth, Jeannie
Parris, Jonathan
Hines, H. Winston
Adams, Johnny
Front Street Inv.
Deaton, William
Gosnell, Dale
King, Laura
King, Laura
Zuber, Garland
Fraley, Fred
Toney, Judith
Ingleheart, James
Gage, Rebecca
Smith, Mickel
Hill, Tresia
Blackwood, Donald
Gist, Dwayne
Cusick, James
Jones, Aaron
Nodine, Martin
Sawyer, Teresa
Pierce, Wanda
Franklin, Joshua
Waldrep, Angela
Griffith, Heather
Brown, Jami
Stone, Travis
Keenan, Jason
Koenig, Carol
Gavula, Keith
Scharfenberger, John
Smith, James
Jones, James
Painter, Jean
Bearden, Christopher
Smalley, Charles
Stephenson, Bruce
Smith, Ralph
Reese, James
Crone, Frank
Lancaster, Jonathan
Rucker, Anissa
Barron, Brenda
Johnson, Daris
Coggins, Est. Thomas
Days, Damian
Lewellyn, Austin
Isaak, Ricky
Bates, Carolyn
Holcombe, Est. Fred
Harp, John
Glenn, Reginald
Vandergrift, Jeffrey
Balleto, Roselind
McCurdy, Michael
Norris, Steven
Hatcher, Keesha
Bryant, Thomas
Brown, Chad
Field, Barbara
Pena, Roberto
Dillard, Barbara
Lanier, Michael
Williams, Ralph
Fulton, Fred
Ausburn, Leonard
Brown, Selena
Robinson, Richard
Rosario, Maureen
Smith, Philip
Workman, Curtis
Johnson, Christine
Morgan, Baxter
Canupp, John
Byars, Tina
Gibbs, Frederick
Steen, Paul
Mendes, James
Glenn, Brian
McCluney, Sharon
Strickland, John
Curry, Daryl
Brannon, Terry

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