Spartanburg County Master-In-Equity Foreclosure Sales
Sale Date - December 1, 2014

The Master-In-Equity sale will be held in Magistrate Courtroom #2 (bottom floor) until further notice.

Please note: If you are the successful bidder at the Sale, you will be required to deposit five percent (5%) of your bid in cash or certified check at the time your bid is accepted. As a general rule, you know how much you are willing to bid for the property in which you are interested. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED FIVE PERCENT (5%) WITH YOU, DO NOT BID.

(Updated on Fridays)

The Partners, Inc.
Doornbos, Todd
Front Street Inv. (2 properties)
Mason, Est. Curlena
Foster, Paul
Gillespie, William
Ivey, Danny
Byrd, Kim
Mabry, Margaret
Harakas, George
Hobbs, April
Weir, Anita
McJimpsey, Donna
Blackwood, Donald
Woodruff, Angel
Duncan, John
Smith, Glenn
Teamer, Johnica
Henderson, Josh
Offhaus, Robert
Copeland, Dwayne
Sims, Ryan
Alexander, Est. Kenneth
Hicks, Shari
Burgess, Felicia
Pierce, Wanda
Miller, Kenneth
Byrd, Lisa
Ingle, Tracy
Kurkis, Jeffrey
Ross, Keith
Singleton, Max
Morgan, Traci
Belue, Jeffrey
Grieder, James
Peake, Michael
West, Jeffrey
Hendrix, Jerry
Atkins, Nancy
McGowan, LuAnne
Smith, Patrice
Compton, Levoy
Sanders, Muriel
Rich, Mary
Isaak, Ricky
Byars, Tina
Davis, Tori
Rector, Brian
Hunter, Marisa
Jolly, Kevin
Scruggs, Renea
Siders, Karen
Smith, Stephanie
Pruitt, John
Lupton, Thomas
Montgomery, Patricia
Long, Ava
Rogers, Jonathan

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