Spartanburg County Master-In-Equity Foreclosure Sales
Sale Date - May 5, 2014

The Master-In-Equity sale will be held in Magistrate Courtroom #2 (bottom floor) until further notice.

Please note: If you are the successful bidder at the Sale, you will be required to deposit five percent (5%) of your bid in cash or certified check at the time your bid is accepted. As a general rule, you know how much you are willing to bid for the property in which you are interested. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED FIVE PERCENT (5%) WITH YOU, DO NOT BID.

(Updated on Fridays)

Shock, Stephen
Meridian at River Run
Veremchuk, Natalya
Haulbrook, Est. Donald
Richardson, Dave
Howell, Lori
Jimenez, Rafael
Mitchem, Jean
Gaddis, Gary
Jackson, Jason
Stevens, Kraig
Mudbone Holdings
Mudbone Holdings
Moore, Ray
Adkins, D. Scott
Smith, Denise
Briggs, Dolphus L.
Stokes, Anne
Davis, Shawn
Earle, Marion
Humphries, Carla
Glenn, Reginald
Igleheart, James
Hunter, Robert
Nicoletti, Mark
Parker, David
Jones, Aaron
Malone, Joel
Foster, Phillip
Satterfield, Steve
Jewell, William
Eldridge, Paul
Phoungphet, Siang
Crawley, Mark
Wilson, Mark
Landrum, Yolanda
Vanrooyen, Robert
Brown, Daniel
Robinson, William
Scott, Kyle
Ferguson, Robert
Clayton, Robert
Burnett, Jeffrey
Garretson, Jo Ann
Rogers, Justin
Estep, Chris
Hemming, Russell
Bridges, Rodney
Stevens, Timothy
Waters, Jeffrey
Watts, Charles
Williams, Brandi
Gaines, Anthony
Granger, Laura
Hawkins, William
Escamilla, Irma
Rowland, Charles
McClain, Leslie
Plaza, Ivette
Woodruff, Vincent
Mefford, Stacy
Henderson, Whitney
Mary Black Health System
Pham, Duc
Darnell, Elizabeth
McEntyre, John
Pankonin, Amber
Stevens, Samuel
Huffstickler, Paul
Thompson, Jacob
Daly, Thomas
Williams, Laurence
Wilson, Dexter
McKinney, David
Allen, Georgia
Kerekes, Michael
Spotswood, Chris
Shockley, Catherine
Dearnaley, Tiffany
Williams, Ralph
Phillips, Shirley
Duckworth, Roy
Ballard, Laura
Wheeler, Robert
Williams, Gary
Miller, Robert
Wood, Lynn
Brogan, Patricia
Martin, Rebecca
Bennett, Amy
Fricks, Jeffrey
Cline, Gayle
Cottrell, James
Inman, Benjamin

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