Spartanburg County Master-In-Equity Foreclosure Sales
Sale Date - October 5, 2015

The Master-In-Equity sale will be held in Magistrate Courtroom #2 (bottom floor) until further notice.

Please note: If you are the successful bidder at the Sale, you will be required to deposit five percent (5%) of your bid in cash or certified check at the time your bid is accepted. As a general rule, you know how much you are willing to bid for the property in which you are interested. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED FIVE PERCENT (5%) WITH YOU, DO NOT BID.

(Updated on Fridays)

Stewart, Lisa
Mountain Retreat Prop.
Allison, Doyle
Summers, Walter
Covan, Christine
Few, Rodney
Tucker, Sondra
Tafoya, Evelyn
Thomas, Yvonne
Martin, Stephanie
Sawyer, Teresa
Onofre, Juan
Peace, Jacob
Berry, Ronnie
Sexton, Candace
Lunsford, Norma
Briscoe, Est. Tracy
Thomas, Est. Rosa
Bruster, Quayne
Mavroftas, Ashley
Carrasquillo, Frances
O’Donnell, Sharon
Ford, Jayson
Sweeten, William
Williams, Albert
Copeland, Sarah
Candler, Bradley
Mann, William
Keller, Richard
Dean, Rebecca
Abega, Charles
Gosa, Margie
Skrok, Dennis
Garrett, William
Woodruff, Vincent
Hunter, Roosevelt
Dickson, Judy
Gosnell, James
Sparks, David
McAbee, Mark
Collins, Est. James
Vasaturo, Est. Frank
Osment, Warren
Willmon, Allan
Monahan, Derek
Pulley, Calvin
Freeman, Lisa
Tannian, Elva
Powers, Tammy
Stokes, Stacey
Hildebrandt, Cory
Abrams, Est. Ronald
McGowan, Virginia
Zapata, Nathaly
Alvarado, Alfredo
Kelly, Phillip
Glenn, Yolanda
Gore, Ricky
Haslam, Cassandra
Oxford, James
Fine, Shelley
Moore, Harriett
Carson, Shirley
Jewell, Melita
Wolfe, Carroll

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