Spartanburg County Master-In-Equity Foreclosure Sales
Sale Date - September 8, 2015

The Master-In-Equity sale will be held in Magistrate Courtroom #2 (bottom floor) until further notice.

Please note: If you are the successful bidder at the Sale, you will be required to deposit five percent (5%) of your bid in cash or certified check at the time your bid is accepted. As a general rule, you know how much you are willing to bid for the property in which you are interested. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED FIVE PERCENT (5%) WITH YOU, DO NOT BID.

(Updated on Fridays)

Foster, Irene
Advantage Properties
Foerster, Claus
Farmer, Jeffrey
Willis, Danny
Littlejohn, Annette
Dunlap, Nathaniel
Shanafelt, Erin
MBH/Squire’s Pointe
Thornton, Michael
Costner, Rhonda
Justice, Christopher
Zimmerman, Donald
Rodger C. Jarrell RE
Rodger C. Jarrell RE
Rodger C. Jarrell RE
Rodger C. Jarrell RE
Rodger C. Jarrell RE
Rodger C. Jarrell RE
Rodger C. Jarrell RE
Rodger C. Jarrell RE
Rodger C. Jarrell RE
Rodger C. Jarrell RE
Troy, Kenneth
Helms, Dana
Rice, Eyvonne
Mills, Kimberly
Sawyer, Teresa
Henley, Latoya
Turner, Danny
Cox, Timothy
Cooksey, Elizabeth
O’Rear, Angelia
Stewart, James
Wilkins, Judy
Whisman, Jack
King, Patricia
Howard, Kishundra
Mendoza, Edmundo
Pruitt, Susan
Gregory, Julie
Moss, Bruce
Watkins, Scotty
Williams, Lawanda
Morgan, Chandra
Quierin, Dawn
Key, Glenn
Vanderlinden, Audrey
Ford, Jayson
Lipscomb, Norma
Price, Gary
Dinnage, John
Oliver, Dorian
Nix, Rexanna
Coleman, Linda
Rohl, Kyle
Pace, Jeffrey
Hollis, Lonnie
Copeland, Dwayne
Abega, Charles
Dean, Rebecca
Shults, Justin
Miller, John
Howell, Frank
Belcher, Est. Donald
Stevenson, Donald
Santoro, Tina
Goralczyk, Jan
Tucker, Danny
Diaz, Patricia
Lewis, Christopher
Woods, Robert
Moore, Ernest
Fernanders, Angela
Yancey, Judi
Espinal, Guillermo
Lockhart, Kimberly
Rill, Fred
Hobbs, Ronnie
Alvardo, Alfredo
Sprouse, Garrett
Vega, Jonathan
Beck, Thannya
Campbell, Lynn
Painter, Brandon
Blackwell, Francis
Surratt, Linda
Wingerter, Timmy

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