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Office of Treasurer

Administration Building
Main Level, Suite 300
366 North Church St.
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Office: 8:00 - 5:00
Drive Thru: 8:00 - 4:30
Monday - Friday

Department Head:
County Treasurer
Oren L. Brady, III
(864) 596-2603 (Phone)
(864) 596-2992 (Fax)


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Office of Treasurer

Mission Statement
The Spartanburg County Treasurer, an elected official, collects real, personal, motor vehicle, inventory, and other taxes and oversees their disbursement to all county, municipal, school and special service districts. The Treasurer also invests any funds not needed for immediate disbursement.

Annual Budget
Annual operating budget for the Office of the Treasurer.

Property & Vehicle Tax Information
Search the database by Account Number or Owner Name.

Pay Taxes Online

Taxes can be paid by Credit Card Online or via Telephone.

Additional ways to pay your taxes.

2015 Vehicle High Mileage Chart
High Mileage Appeal Form
If you qualify for high mileage, please apply prior to the due date with the County Auditor’s Office.

If you have an address change, please change prior to paying your tax bill. Please also change the address for vehicles with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Make current real estate and vehicle tax payment checks payable to: Oren L. Brady III, Spartanburg County Treasurer.

Department of Motor Vehicle Late Penalties

Late Registration Penalties Charged by and Payable to Department of Motor Vehicles

Late First Time or Transfer Penalties (Registering a new vehicle)
46 to 60 Days $10.00
61 to 75 Days $25.00
76 to 135 Days $50.00
Over 135 Days $75.00

Late Renewal Registration Penalties
First 14 Days $10.00
15 to 30 Days $25.00
31 to 90 Days $50.00
Over 90 Days $75.00

These late penalties cannot be paid to the County Treasurer’s Office.

They can be paid online at once taxes have been paid to the County Treasurer.

You may owe other fees at the DMV that we are not aware of.