Satisfying a Judgement by a Pro Se Plaintiff

Satisfying a Judgement by a Pro Se Plaintiff: 

Complete the Satisfaction of Judgment form and have notarized.
Attach copy of driver’s license. 

 Satisfaction of Judgment form (PDF)

Mail to: 

Spartanburg County Clerk of Court 
Attn: Toryia Massey 
P. O. Box 3483 Spartanburg, SC 29304 

We must have original signatures of plaintiff and notary for this process, no copies will be accepted. 

If coming in person to Satisfy a judgment: 

  • Plaintiff must have his/her Driver’s License 
  • Plaintiff must sign the Judgment Satisfaction Form in front of a staff member 
  • Our staff member will notarize the form 
  • You may bring in a form already notarized but it must have original signatures for both the plaintiff and the notary.

If you are a SC Licensed Attorney who represents the plaintiff, you must file your satisfaction via the EFiling system. If you are an attorney representing any other party, please remember that only the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s attorney can file a satisfaction of judgment. 

If you are a real estate attorney who needs a satisfaction of judgment filed, you may have the judgment owner (plaintiff) fill out the Satisfaction of Judgment Form above, have it notarized, and then bring it by our office or mail the originals to the address listed above. We need a copy of the plaintiff’s driver's license to be included with the form. 

If you have any questions, please contact Toryia Massey at [email protected] or Amy Cox at [email protected]