2023 Capital Project Sales Tax Referendum

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Facts & Figures

  • Spartanburg County maintains more than 1,730 miles of roadway—which, if you stretched out in a straight line, would go from here to Arizona. SCDOT maintains more than 1,360 miles and the 14 municipalities maintain a combined 300+ miles. All together, that totals more than 3,400 miles of roadway within the county’s boundary (same distance from Spartanburg to Alaska).
  • The county ranks the condition of its asphalt roadway network on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being a roadway in new condition. The average current condition of the county’s asphalt roadways is 57.5 out of 100, meaning our roads are in poor shape.
  • We currently have a $500 million backlog as it relates to asphalt condition. Meaning it would take $500M—all being spent at one time—to bring all the county-maintained asphalt roads up to a brand-new condition. We need more than $35M annually just to maintain the current condition (57.5). We would need significantly more to improve the state of our roads.
  • To put into perspective how expensive road projects can be, it typically costs around $1 million to pave and widen (to 24 ft) one mile of roadway; and it costs about $2.5 million to rebuild one mile of a County road (expand the road to 24’ and improve hills and curves).
  • If the Capital Project Sales Tax Referendum passes, it is expected to generate $478M over the six-year period. At least 30% of the revenues would be collected by people who don't live in Spartanburg County, but come here to eat and shop. In other words, $163-186 million would come from visitors.
  • If the 2023 Capital Project Sales Tax Referendum passes, unprepared foods (groceries) and prescription drugs (as well as certain medical supplies, such as diabetic therapies) would not be taxed.
2017 Capital Project Sales Tax Referendum:

  • We have a Capital Project Sales Tax Referendum in place now that was approved by Spartanburg County voters in 2017. As promised, funds have been used specifically for a new Courthouse, Police Station, Emergency Operations Center and, soon, a Joint Government Complex (first of its kind in the state). As stated in the 2017 Referendum, any funds remaining after construction of those four projects would go to road improvement projects.
  • Essentially, the 2023 Capital Project Sales Tax would replace the current one, if the Referendum passes, meaning there is no new tax. It's a tax that's been in place over the past almost six years. In other words, if the 2023 Referendum is approved, the overall sales tax would remain unchanged. To see the progress of the Capital Project Sales Tax that is currently in effect, please click here.