Roads and Bridges

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Mission Statement 

It is the mission of Roads and Bridges to construct and develop roads, bridges and other public works improvements. We shall perform road maintenance activities, such as patching potholes, correcting drainage problems, ditching and cutting off high shoulders, scraping and graveling dirt roads, mowing grass and weeds, cutting trees and limbs on the county right of way and preparing roads for paving.

We provide maintenance and installation of all road and bridge signs. We provide utility permit inspections, asphalt resurfacing inspections, rights-of-way research and road data collection, which are vital operations of this department.


Encroachment Permit Application

Driveway Access Permit

Please submit a maintenance work request using the link below.

Note: Pothole repair requests can be reported using the below link.  A damage claim to a vehicle resulting from a County maintained road issue can be reported using the below link (Damage Claim Form). Please attach photo of the road issue, photo of damage to the vehicle and any other documents (repair bill/quote). In accordance with Spartanburg County procedures, damage to a vehicle can only be considered for reimbursement if the County has prior knowledge or notice of the road issue (i.e. a reported pothole in a road).

Maintenance Work Request

Damage Claim Form


How do I determine who maintains a road?

It is County maintained only if it has the Cardinal Red Bird logo on it.  A State maintained road will have the round State Seal logo and S-42-#. S stands for State, 42 for Spartanburg County and the following for the State road number.

See pictures below.

What about on-street parking?

Spartanburg County Public Works does not regulate on-street parking because our department does not have the authority to determine where residents can and cannot park.  Therefore, parking regulations are typically developed and enforced by your Home Owners Association.  If you do not have an HOA, the county will only intervene if the parking practice is a safety hazard (obstructs emergency vehicle access, atop of a sidewalk, obstructs a stop sign, etc.) rather than a nuisance.

County Road
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