Mission Statement
The Purchasing Department is responsible for procuring all supplies, equipment, materials, professional services and other needs as required by the County to operate effectively and efficiently, while complying with applicable laws, regulations and County policies. Our department is tasked with utilizing public funds in a responsible manner to ensure that all purchasing decisions are made in the best interest of the County.
Purchasing Department
Vendor Information
In order to conduct business with Spartanburg County suppliers must first register in the County’s vendor registration system. This process alerts the County as to the products and services that each supplier has to offer. The registration process only takes a few minutes and may be done electronically at the link provided below.

As a registered supplier, you will become part of the County’s vendor data base giving your business visibility to information posted on the County’s website. This data will be shared with all County departments to assist them in securing various quotes from time to time. If you supply an email address during the registration process, as a courtesy you will be notified of solicitations for commodities and services for which you are registered. The Spartanburg County Purchasing Department conducts its procurement process in a competitive, open and fair environment.

A vendor is defined as any general contractor, subcontractor, consultant, person, firm, corporation or organization engaging in or seeking to do business with Spartanburg County.

How to Conduct Business with Spartanburg County