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UPDATE 10/15/2019: Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding as we have worked to reestablish a safe disposal area within the Wellford Construction & Demolition facility. We will resume accepting brush and yard waste on Wednesday, October, 16th. For further questions or assistance, please call the Wellford Landfill Facility at 864-949-0211.

PSA: Regarding our STEEL CANS that are accepted for recycling, we want to clarify that by steel cans, we are specifically referring to cans like "tin cans" that contain things like chicken broth, tomatoes, beans, etc. We have heard there has been an influx (possibly due to some new labeling on products) that AEROSOL steel cans (shaving cream, whipped cream, cleaning products, bug spray, air fresheners, etc.), which are under pressure and cannot be punctured or exposed to high temperatures due to potential explosions are coming to our recycling centers. Please note that these types of cans are NOT accepted for recycling due to the conditions of our processors, which will cause those cans to explode and put workers in a potentially unsafe environment. Municipal programs and many processors were not contacted regarding labeling standards, so we have no control over what the cans say, but please DO NOT place aerosol steel cans into the recycling. Dispose of them with regular household trash, and consider trying to find alternatives that are not aerosol (many products have plastic pump bottles that can be recycled; there is no known replacement for a certain aerosol whipped cream, so we recommend you enjoy that product, then safely dispose of the can in household trash).

Please be advised that we are making operational changes at our Wellford Recycling Convenience Center, Station 16, and these changes may include citizens being asked for proof of residence, traffic forming a double line coming into the site to reduce back-up on the main road, and other changes to help our center operate optimally. Our site attendants are present to answer any questions and to guide you through the process as you notice these changes taking place. Thank you for your cooperation during this transition.

*Attention: As of March 1st 2016, Spartanburg County and the City of Spartanburg will not accept glass for recycling; we will accept cartons with our COMMINGLED recycling (plastic containers/aluminum cans/steel cans).  Please see this press release for more information.*

Mission Statement

To promote the environmental and economic benefits of recycling by providing convenient access to centers, and offering free recycling education for Spartanburg County residents.

Spartanburg County's Recycling Department offers 17 staffed and 1 un-staffed Recycling Convenience Centers for County Residents.  All staffed recycling centers are open Monday through Saturday from 7 AM until 7 PM, except Station #16, Wellford, which closes at 4:30 PM.

For a list of Recycling Center Locations and to learn What and Where to recycle, please go to our What and Where Can I Recycle page!

The County also offers an annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event each spring, and semi-annual Community Clean-Up Events in the spring and fall.  Please email, call, or check our website for upcoming event information.

To schedule a FREE recycling or composting education program for your school, scout troop, church group, civic club, or any other group, or to tour the Wellford Landfill, contact our Recycling Coordinator by email or phone.

We encourage all residents to recycle.  Recycling is great for the environment, conserving natural resources, preserving valuable landfill space, reducing litter, and lessening soil and water pollution.  It's also great for our economy; the County generates revenue through the sale of recyclables, and recycling is a $13 billion industry sustaining 500 companies and over 20,000 jobs in South Carolina!


Fall Community Clean-Up Event will be September 20th-21st from 8 AM until 3 PM. We will be accepting tires (up to 5 per household), scrap metal and appliances, electronics, furniture, yard debris (brush, leaves, limbs), and construction and demolition debris. No liquids, paints, pesticides, or other hazardous waste nor household trash are accepted at this event. See our flyer for more info!