Human Resources

The Human Resources Department of Spartanburg County is dedicated to providing the citizens of the community with a diverse, competent, and professional workforce. The Department of Human Resources also provides quality customer service to all customers in the areas of hiring, employee retention, benefits and compensation, employee relations, and workers compensation. The department continuously strives to offer up to date information to county departments regarding compliance with federal and state employment regulations.

Employment Verification

To verify employment of past or current employees, contact Human Resources at 864-596-2522.

Spartanburg County Fraud and Ethics Hotline

As part of Council's commitment to core values, the County has implemented an anonymous, 24-hour hotline and website for individuals to report potentially fraudulent and/or unethical behavior, waste and abuse as it relates to Spartanburg County Government operations and their employees.

The hotline is managed by an independent third party. When you call the hotline, you will be greeted by an experienced interviewer who will walk you through the process. You can either give the interviewer your name, or elect to remain anonymous. The interviewer will then prepare an incident report that is submitted to County Administration, the County Attorney, and Internal Audit. Each incident that is reported to the hotline is investigated thoroughly and appropriate action is taken if necessary.  If you choose to remain anonymous, you will be given an incident number and will be asked to call back in approximately two weeks. During this two-week period, the County has the ability to post questions/information to the hotline that will be communicated to you by the interviewer when you call back. This allows the County to communicate with you while maintaining your anonymity.

For online claims, please visit the websites listed below and follow the step-by-step instructions.  Please allow two weeks for a response from the County.

Fraud and Ethics Website:

For Mobile Devices:  OR 

Fraud Mobile Website

Fraud and Ethics Hotline:  866-614-0556

For additional information, please contact the Internal Auditor's Office at 864-562-4446.

Employee Benefits

Spartanburg County offers competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package to its employees, which generally includes:

  • Health, Life, and Dental Insurance
  • Optional Life and Disability Insurance 
  • Optional Medical and Dependent Care Spending Accounts
  • Annual and Sick Leave
  • Twelve (12) recognized Holidays
  • South Carolina Retirement System (SCRS) State Retirement Plan
  • Police Officers Retirement System (PORS - as applicable)
  • Optional Deferred Compensation Program
  • Longevity Pay Increases
  • Optional Federal Credit Union Membership
  • Employee Health Clinic
  • Leadership, Professional and Skill Development Training
  • Tuition Assistance Program
  • Employee Assistance Program 
  • Employee Wellness Program

County Values

The Human Resources Department actively seeks candidates for employment who support these County values as adopted by County Council:

  • Inclusion
    • We will embrace the diversity of people, places, resources, and perspectives throughout the County by seeking and considering the input and interests of our stakeholders in our decision-making. The culture of inclusion will increase trust with stakeholders, strengthen relationships, and improve our decision making.
  • Accountability
    • We are accountable to the citizens of Spartanburg County. As stewards of the public’s resources, we acknowledge the public is counting on us. We must set and exceed expectations that ensure our intentions, words, and deeds are beyond reproach. We answer to each other, we answer to the citizens, and we answer to every person who lives, works, visits and plays in Spartanburg County.
  • Collaboration
    • In today’s complex environment, no one sector or entity can work without the support of others. We will seek, establish, and leverage cross-sector partnerships with community-based organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and other governmental entities to collectively build a better Spartanburg County. 
  • Communication
    • We will strive to effectively communicate in a purposeful and concise fashion. We will share information in an appropriate and timely manner with our stakeholders.
  • Servant Leadership
    • We seek first to serve. As servant leaders, we will foster an environment that places the best interest of the public first, as demonstrated by our mission driven decision making. Servant leadership demands that we set aside personal indifferences and focus on what is best for those we serve.
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Continuous improvement means we will align our decisions, services, and policies with the vision, mission and values of Council’s strategic plan. This is a path that we walk together toward a common goal. Opinions may differ, approaches may vary and we may not always agree, but we have a collective commitment, even in difficult times, to remain true to the mission, keep our eye on the vision, and make values based decisions to meet the goals and objectives of the County’s strategic plan.