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Spartanburg County has implemented a new development project tracking and approval program called EnerGov.  We are pleased that it includes an online component called Citizen Self Service (CSS)

There is a new log in method in CSS.

Anyone will be able to submit concurrently for Planning, Engineering and Building Codes approvals and permitting.  It requires registering for an account, then applying for a permit/project approval.

Please refer to these helpful instructions for how to register for your account and how to apply for a permit or approval.

How to register for a CSS account
How to apply for non-residential permit
How to apply for residential permit  

Mission Statement

The Building Codes Department will work to ensure sound construction of new buildings, promote steady maintenance of existing structures, and enforce regulation development practices in accordance with the S.C. Building Code and Local Land Use Regulations.

This will be accomplished by expediting the permit and inspection process without compromising the public health, safety, and general welfare to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment.

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Remote Options for the General Public

Important Notice: 
Beginning September 1st 2020 all Septic Tank Applications and Payment (Residential & Commercial) will be applied for directly through SCDHEC. The Spartanburg County Building Codes Department will no longer process the application forms and take payment. For additional information and steps in applying for a septic tank, please visit or contact the local SCDHEC at 864-596-3327.

The County Building Codes Department will estimate your permit fees after the following information is provided:
  • Building Use
  • Type of Construction
  • Square Footage
  • Total Cost

Indicate if your project is a new building, addition, or interior up fit of existing building.

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