Emergency Operations Center

General Information
The County Emergency Operations Center, serves as the central clearinghouse for disaster-related information, and requests for deployment of assistance. 

Operating Condition (Op con) Level of Readiness
Operating Conditions at the EOC are based on the following Opcon levels:

Opcon Levels

Operations Room
The Operations Room is central to the EOC. It serves as the "nerve center" during emergency operations. Working space is provided for all disaster response Emergency Support Functions (ESFs). The Operations Room can accommodate 15-20 people and is equipped with telephone, data and radio systems, which allow emergency response personnel to coordinate disaster operations. An audio-visual system, integrated with the EOC's computer network, has the capability to keep the emergency staff current on developing situations during emergencies, while also providing an excellent training facility with many different applications.

Policy Room / Joint Information Center
The Policy /Joint Information Center is vital for keeping the public informed and when needed, policy issues addressed. Once the new EOC is constructed, this conference style room will provides the tools necessary for policy makers and/or public information officers to address their the policy / public relation issues while staying informed on the incident. With a direct link to the operations room, IT support, and numerous audio visual capabilities, this room will prove invaluable during times of emergency.

Alternate 911 Center
The Alternate 911 Center will once again be jointly located with our EOC once construction is complete.  When not utilized by 911, this room can be utilize by Emergency Services in others ways as needed.
  1. Emergency Operations Center

    Physical Address
    175 Community College Dr
    Spartanburg, SC 29303