Legal Residence and Agricultural Forms
  4% Owner Occupied Assessment Ratio (SC 12-43-220) Application for Legal Residence Special Assessment
  Agricultural use special assessment (SC 12-43-220) Application for Agricultural Real Property Special Assessment
Mobile Home Forms
    Derelict Mobile Home Laws
    Steps to De-Title a Mobile Home
Builder's Forms
  Allow a newly finished unoccupied and unsold house to be taxed
on land only for up one year. (12-37-220(51))
Application for Certificate of Occupancy Property Tax Exemption
  Allows the Builder-Contractor to continue the Multi Lot Developers
discount on one lot for one extra year if still unimproved
(12-43-225 (C))
Home Builder-Contractor Lot Discount Application
Appeal Forms
  Appeal the valuation on your real property. Please provide supporting
documentation. (SC 12-60-2510 and 12-60-90)
Informal Appeal Form
  Withdraw your appeal or accept the Assessors redetermined value.
(SC 12-60-2510)
Appeal Withdrawal/Acceptance Form
Other Forms
  (SC 12-37-3135) Application for ATI Real Property Tax Exemption
  (SC 12-43-224) Application for Developer's Multiple Lot Discount
  (SC 12-43-227 and SC 12-43-230) Homeowners Association Application For Special Valuation
    Change of Mailing Address Request
    Request for Rollback Tax