Long Range Planning/Comprehensive Plan

1998                  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN                   2015
        Planning Area Maps                               
 Part I. Population Element
       Demographic Trends and Distribution
        Demographic Forecast
        Demographic Composition 
        Minority Population Distribution Map 
        Elderly Population Distribution Map 
        Social Characteristics 
        Median Family Income Map 
        Conclusions and Goals 

Part II. Housing Element 
        Housing Characteristics 
        Household Characteristics 
        Occupancy Characteristics 
        Low-income Housing Providers 
        Summary Assessment Low Income Housing
            Assistance Programs 
        Housing Forecast 
        Housing Needs: Demand Projections 
        Housing Issues 
        Housing Goals, Recommendations 
 Part III. Economic Element  
        Job Development 
        Labor Force 
        Worker Commuter Patterns 
        Economic/Job Profile 
        Economic Opportunities/Projections, 
        Industrial Recruitment and Development 
        Industrial Development Policies 
        Marketing Plans and Strategies 
 Part IV. Natural Resources Element 
        Major Geological Formations Map 
        Climatic Conditions 
        Rainfall Distribution Map 
        Drainage Basins 
        Flood Plains 
        Major Drainage Basin Map 
        Water Resources 
        Land Cover Map 
        Plants and Wildlife: Rare, Threatened, and
            Endangered Species 
        Occurrences of Rare & Endangered Species
        Rivers and River Related Resources 
        Summary, Observations, Conclusions 
        Goals and Strategies 
 Part V. Cultural Resources Element 
      The Arts 
        The Auditorium 
        The History 
        Historic Sites Map 
 Part VI. Community Facilities Element  
        Community Facilities Defined 
        Community Facilities' Expenditures, Trends 
        Transportation Facilities 
        Long Range Transportation Plan Map 
        Bikeways and Pedestrian Plan Map 
        Public Safety: Fire Protection 
        Fire Departments Response Areas Map 
        Public Safety: Law Enforcement 
        Community Based Policing Zones Map 
        Health and Social Services: Medical
        Health and Social Services: EMS/Rescue 
        Rescue Squad/EMS Areas Map 
        Governmental Facilities 
        Recreation/Culture: Recreational Facilities 
        Existing Recreation Facilities, 
            Spartanburg County Map 
        Existing Recreation Facilities, Planning 
            Area Three Map 
        Recreation/Culture: Library Facilities 
        County Library Facility Locations Map 
        Utilities/Public Works: Water
        Water Districts and Providers Map 
        Utilities/Public Works: Wastewater
        Utilities/Public Works: Electric
        Wastewater Providers and Service 
            Areas Map 
        Utilities/Public Works: Natural Gas
        Utilities/Public Works: Solid Waste
        Natural Gas Lines Map 
        Education Facilities 
        School Districts Map 
        Summary Observations 
 Part VII. Land Use Element 
        Existing Land Use 
        Land Use Trends 
        Physical Form 
        Existing Physical Form Map 
        Urban/Built-up Land Needs 
        Land Use Issues 
        Land Use Goals 
        Land Use Plan(s) 
        Plan Map Objectives and Strategies 
        Land Use Plan Map 
 Part VIII. Organization Element  
        How Did It Get This Way?  
        How Can We Improve the Situation? 
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