Appalachian Council of Governments

Council Member
Bob Walker
01/23/23 01/23/23 01/25/25
Council Member
Jack A. Mabry
01/28/19 01/23/23 01/25/25
Council Member
Monier Abusaft
01/25/21 01/23/23 01/25/25
At Large
Paul M. Forrester
287 Creekridge Drive
Spartanburg, SC  29301
(B) 592-6204 (H) 595-1137
11/16/20 12/13/21 01/01/24
Minority Appointee
Mildred D. Tillerson
291 Ray Blackley Road
Inman, SC  29349
(H) 592-9123
03/18/19 12/13/21 01/01/24
Minority Appointee
Brooke Coleman
520 Wyatt Road
Spartanburg, SC 29302
(B) 239-2091
05/16/22 05/16/22 01/01/24
All members appointed by County Council
3 Members from Council (odd years) 
2 Minority members (even years) 
1 Member AT-LARGE (even year) 
Term:  2 years
Purpose:  The Appalachian Council of Governments is a voluntary group of local governments in the six-county 
Upstate region. Under the guidance of a 42 member Board of Directors, the Council provides services to member local governments in the areas of grants and economic development, public administration, planning, economic research and information, computers, geographic information system development, and services to the elderly.
4th Friday of each month - 10:30 a.m.
Mileage to and from Board meetings.