Educational / Counseling Services Costs

***Below is a chart of additional costs for Educational/ Counseling Services. Please keep in mind that these represent
the minimal costs; if a class is missed or a drug screen is failed there can be additional fees. All outstate clients will be
responsible for fees in their area. The chart below represents the cost in Spartanburg and Cherokee
Charge(s) Cost Time Frame
Shoplifting $100.00 6 weeks
Assault $150.00 payable $25.00 each session 6 weeks
Traffic $100.00 payable $25.00 each session Mail
Simple Possession of Marijuana $210.00 payable $35.00 each session 6 weeks
All other Drug Offenses $385.00 payable $35.00 each session 11 weeks
Transfer of Beer to Minor $50.00 1 session
Financial/Theft Crimes $150.00 payable $25.00 each session 6 weeks
Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) $650.00 payable $25.00 each session 26 weeks
General Crime $100.00-$150.00 payable
$25.00 each session
Mail or 6 weeks

*** Other Courses
Charge(s) Cost Time Frame
Alive @25 (Ages 15-21) $35.00 1 session
MADD $5.00(under $20.00) $40.00(over 20) 1 session
NA/AA Free Sessions Vary