Victim Services

Spartanburg County and the State of South Carolina offer a variety of services for crime victims. 

Solicitor Barnette’s Victim Witness Unit aids crime victims by offering many services that are confidential and free of charge. Advocates inform victims of their rights. They act as liaisons between the victims and other agencies. They attend court hearings with victims or on their behalf. They inform victims of hearing dates, case updates, and defendant sentences. Advocates also set up pre-trial meetings at the Solicitor’s request and attend with the victim. The victim service team includes a multi-lingual specialist.

During the time it takes to prepare a case for court, a victim advocate will keep you informed about the case and provide help that includes:

*Crime to court information

*Application for reimbursement of medical bills, counseling and lost wages from the state Department of Crime Victim Compensation

*Victim Impact Statement

*Preparation for court appearances

*Employer contact as needed

*Emergency community service referrals

*Counseling resources

*Restitution matters

Tracking An Inmate
The South Carolina Department of Corrections has introduced a state-of-art automated telephone notification and inquiry service that puts offender information at crime victims’ fingertips.

The 24-hour a day system allows callers to dial a toll-free number, 1-866-727-2846, to check on the status of an offender serving time in the SC Department of Corrections. The system is also set up to give registered victims automatic notification telephone calls when an offender is released, transferred, or returned to custody.

The automated system will not be used for emergency notifications. A Department of Corrections staff member will personally contact registered victims during emergencies. Victims should call the Division of Victim Services at 800-835-0304 to register to receive the notifications or if they do not want to be part of the automated notification service. Victims should also call this number to report and update their telephone and address information.

When checking on an offender’s status using the automated system, please remember that the release dates are for the first day of the month in which the offender completes the prison sentence. There are exemptions to this procedure for certain sentences and for months when the first day is on a weekend or a holiday. Based on state law, the gain or loss of earned credits may contribute to changes in the sentence completion date, as do additional sentences and court-ordered releases.

Healing With Hope
The Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office host a monthly support group for survivors of homicide. The program, Healing with Hope, is a place for families and friends to share experiences and give or receive support in a safe and confidential setting. The support group allows participants to gain a better understanding of loss and the resulting grief. The program also strives to help people understand the importance of change and growth in their lives. Participants often make new friends among their peers. A licensed therapist facilitates the meetings.

Healing with Hope meets the third Thursday of every month at the Sheriff's Office, 8045 Howard St. The meetings begin at 7 p.m. in the media conference room. The program is free to participants.

For more information, call 864-503-4625, 864-503-4626 or 864-503-4627.

Parole Hearings
The S.C. Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services has an innovative program to help crime victims who might not have the means or the time to attend parole hearings in Columbia. Victims can communicate with the parole board by video conference from a centrally located site in the Spartanburg area. The service gives victims the opportunity to communicate in real-time, as if they are appearing before the board in person.

A representative from the local PPP Office meets victims at the site and leads them through the process.

If you elect to attend the Spartanburg Remote Videoconferencing Site, you must contact the Department's Office of Victim Services at least two weeks prior to the hearing, toll free 1-888-551-4118.

Safe Place SC
A website created by Governor Nikki Haley and her administration to inform South Carolina residents about local domestic violence resources.  Visit Safe Place SC.