Road Fee Project Information

Funds Allow Progress

The Road Maintenance Fee is enabling Spartanburg County to address County road maintenance and County road improvements on its inventory of over 1,700 miles of roads, 155 bridges, and over 80,000 traffic/street signs. Many of the area's major roadways - such as Highway 9, Highway 290 and the interstates - are maintained by the S.C. Department of Transportation. For convenience, County maintained roads are denoted by a Cardinal Red Bird logo on the left hand side of the street sign.  The County's program has two major elements.

Annual Resurfacing ProgramThe County spends approximately $3 million of road fee revenues each year on a asphalt pavement program for County maintained roadways.  The program includes asphalt pavement preservation (preventative maintenance), roadway reconstruction, and asphalt pavement installation.  A list of roadways that were repaved/rebuilt with road fee revenues are illustrated in the below “Road Maintenance Fee” reports. 

Capital Improvement ProgramThe County also has a multi-million dollar Capital Improvement Program that includes safety improvements, road widening, intersection improvements, right-of-way maintenance, roadway stripping, bridge replacements, and drainage system repairs. These are major, non-recurring projects and are illustrated in the “Road Maintenance Fee Fund – Summary Since Inception”. 

The result is better, safer roads, less damage to vehicle, and well maintained infrastructure.