Residential / Subdivision / Plats

The process of converting raw land into building sites is one of the most important factors in the growth of Spartanburg County. There are few activities that have a more lasting effect upon our community's environment and appearance. Once land is developed and streets and buildings are constructed, the basic character of this addition to the County has become firmly established.  

A subdivision is defined as the division of a tract, parcel, or lot into two or more lots or building sites, or other divisions of land for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale, legacy, or building development, and includes all division of land involving a new street or a change in existing streets and includes the re-subdivision of land.

Properties located with MUNCIPALITIES (Town Limits) are not subject to review by the Spartanburg County Planning and Development Department.
Please select from the following options (if you are unsure which to select, please review the description under each heading before clicking the link.):

**All needed applications and documents are found within the link**

  • Counter Plat - Counter plats include the following: recordation plats, exempt plats, approved plats, and reference plats. These plats are typically processed within a 24 hour period and stamped in our office prior to recording.
  • Summary Plat - Summary plats are subdivisions of property where all lots are located on an existing state or county road where two or more vacant parcels are created and no new roads are created.
  • Preliminary Plat - A map showing a plan for a proposed subdivision of land that includes new roads, which must connect to a state or county road.
  • Final Plat - A plat which incorporates all revisions or corrections deemed necessary by the Planning and Development Commission in the Preliminary Plat and which is used for recording purposes after all improvements pertaining to the Preliminary Plat have been installed and approved.
  • Site Plan - For residential purposes, Attached Multi-Plex Dwelling Projects under Section 3.02 of the ULMO include townhouse, condominium, and apartment developments. A site plan includes all proposed development and site improvements.

For additional information, please feel free to review our Contact List. If you would like to review the required building setback and lot frontage requirements, please refer to Table 3a (Residential Setbacks and Other Requirements.)