Commercial / Industrial / Other Non-Residential

The purpose of this review process is to establish order to development and reduce, if not eliminate, potential off-site conflicts regarding the development of a lot or parcel.

Properties located within MUNICIPALITIES (Town Limits) are not subject to site plan review by the Spartanburg County Planning and Development Department. However, they must comply with the requirements of all other agencies and have a letter of approval from the appropriate town official.
Planning and Development Public Works / Engineering Division Building and Fire Codes 
An advisory conference/team review must be held with Planning Department Staff to preview the project.  Staff will discuss fees (Table 2 of the ULMO) and provide the appropriate application(s) and Major / Minor land development checklist. You must complete the appropriate Storm Water Grading application to apply for your permit.  This application may be made concurrently with your application to the Planning Department. Submit 2 sets of site plans, modeled by the plan review checklist, and construction drawings signed and sealed by the engineer or architect responsible for the design (if applicable) to the Building Codes Plan Review Coordinator.  In addition, you will need to complete the Plan Review Application
A site plan must be submitted along with fees and completed application.  It will be determined, at this point, whether the project must go through Step 3, undergo review by the Planning and Development Commission, and / or comply with the design guidelines. Upon receipt of ALL approvals in Planning, you may obtain your grading permit. After the plans are approved (and approval has been issued by Planning and Development), your building permit will be issued and you may proceed with the building phase of your project.
A monthly development review meeting is held with all agencies, including but not limited to, SC Department of Transportation (SCDOT), SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC), Spartanburg County Building Codes and Public Works / Engineering division, as well as all applicable utility companies.  After the meeting, a revised site plan must be submitted according to comments received (if applicable). A licensed grading contractor will be required, in accordance with State and Local Laws, to pick up the grading permit and complete the site work. Commercial Final Inspection Requests should be in the following order:
  • Public Works / Engineering Division
  • Planning and Development
  • Fire Final
  • Building Codes Final
Upon receipt of required approvals from all other agencies and compliance with applicable regulations, the planning staff will issue your grading and development permits. After receiving your permit, please contact Public Works / Engineering Division to set up an appointment time for a Pre-Construction meeting. 
** This is a required meeting**

Permit fees WILL vary.  Contact the appropriate department for specific information, based on the intent of the proposed project.

A licensed general contractor may be required in accordance with State Law.

The Certificate of Occupancy will be issued once ALL final approvals are completed by applicable county departments.
For additional non-planning questions on the development process, please feel free to navigate to the Development Services Division page under the Public Works Department for storm water review and Building Codes Department page.