Counter Plat

Counter plats include the following: recordation plats, exempt plats, approved plats, and reference plats. These plats are typically processed within a 24 hour period and stamped in our office prior to recording.

  • Recordation Plat - Includes boundary surveys where no property lines are changing and easement plats.
  • Exempt Plat - Includes subdivisions of land which meet SC Code of Laws Section 6-29-1110 (4) as follows: (1) The combination or recombination of portions of previously platted lots where the total number of lots is not increased and the resultant lots are equal to the standards of Spartanburg County; (2) The division of land into parcels of five acres or more where no new street is involved and plats of these exceptions must be received as information by Spartanburg County Planning and Development Department which shall indicate that fact on the plat(s); and (3) The combination or recombination of entire lots of record where no new street or change in existing streets is involved.
  • Approved Plat - Includes a division of land into two lots where one lot has an existing dwelling and at least 25 feet of frontage on a state, county, or municipality maintained road or a private road built in accordance with Section 2.05-3 of the ULMO and meets the standards of Spartanburg County.
  • Reference Plat - Includes historical plats or those plats needed for reference purposes, but does not create new lots or roads or change property lines.
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