2017 Capital Penny Sales Tax Referendum

Penny Sales Tax Graphic

In June 2017, the Spartanburg County Capital Penny Sales Tax Commission provided a report and recommendation to County Council regarding the use of a one cent capital penny sales tax for six years to pay for a new Judicial Center, Municipal Court/Police Building, Emergency Operations Center, Judicial Center parking garage, City/County Government Center, and a Government Center parking garage. Any funds remaining after project construction would be used for improvements to roads and bridges. In accordance with State requirements regarding the enactment of a one cent capital penny sales tax, County Council has adopted an ordinance which will allow the voters the opportunity to decide by referendum whether this one cent sales tax can be added for this purpose. The question will be on the November 7, 2017 general election ballot. The information contained on this web page is intended to provide pertinent detail regarding the ballot question and the proposed use of the funds.

Spartanburg County Administrative and Judicial Strategic Plan as submitted by Justice Planning Associates

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SC Local tax Designation 2016