Roadway Beautification Efforts

Improving the appearance of our roadways

Spartanburg County’s major roadways are the entrances to our community. These thoroughfares frequently color visitors’ first impression of Spartanburg County, affecting tourism and economic development.

Spartanburg County is fortunate to have motivated civic groups, organizations and businesses who have worked diligently for many years to improve the overall appearance of these gateways, improving the quality of life residents enjoy.

Efforts to improve roadway appearance have generally been divided into three categories:

Gateway Enhancement

Gateway Enhancement projects focus on improving the appearance of major thoroughfares into Spartanburg County and entryways into the city of Spartanburg, for example. These projects, which often include large boundary markers, already include signage along I-85 and Highway 14 near Greer and a soon-to-be completed sign along I-26 near Landrum. Projects slated for future signage include I-26 near Dorman High School and I-85 near Gossett Road.

Interstate 26 near Landrum (in development)


Beautification efforts have taken place over the course of many years and through the work of numerous community groups, businesses and civic-minded individuals. Organizations such as the Noble Tree Foundation, Men’s Garden Club, Spots of Pride, Pacolet Milliken Enterprises, Milliken & Co. and others have partnered to improve the appearance of roadsides across the area. Those projects include removing dilapidated fencing, landscaping improvements and the planting of trees, shrubbery and plants along numerous roadways – including Business 85 and Hearon Circle.

Hearon Circle

Eyes on 85

Eyes on 85 is a public-private collaboration that seeks to beautify every interchange along the Interstate 85 corridor between Greenville and Spartanburg. This 22-mile stretch is seen by more than 85,000 pairs of eyes each day and is the first - and often only - impression visitors have of our area. Eyes on 85 seeks to aesthetically improve and unify the interchanges between Greenville and Spartanburg as a means to convey the world class quality of the region and promote economic growth. Eyes on 85 includes such gateway improvements as the Spartanburg County sign at Highway 14 on I-85. The design of the sign, which features the new county logo as well as stone work, influenced the design of the marker to be displayed off I-26 near Landrum. John Montgomery, of Colliers International, has helped lead various beautification projects. He said the overall effort has its roots in a 2014 project by Pacolet Milliken, which included landscaping 30 acres near the I-85 and I-585 interchange. Other partners include: the City of Greer, BMW, Milliken & Co., Spartanburg County, Pacolet Milliken, Stewart Winslow, Mark Byington, the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport and many others.

Spartanburg County sign
Interstate 85 near Highway 14