Commercial Building Fee Process

Spartanburg County uses the Building Valuation Data Chart (included), provided by the International Code Council to aid in determining minimum Commercial Permit Fees. The Costs include structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, foundation, and interior finish for new construction work. The BVD Chart is updated at 6 months intervals.

Applicants will be required to complete the Certification of Construction Cost Form (Included with the permit application). Permit fees will be calculated based on the Certified Construction Cost subject to minimum as outlined above.

IMPORTANT POINTS:                      

  • The BVD is not intended to apply to alterations or interior up fits to existing buildings.
  • The square foot construction cost does not include the price of the property on which the building is built.
  • The data represents a national average and must be modified using the South Carolina Regional Cost Modifier 0.85
  • Plan Review fee is based on ½ of all permit fee cost.


  • New Retail Store  (Mercantile)
  • Type of Construction – VB unprotected
  • Occupancy Group – Mercantile
  • Square footage of 22,655

Using the BVD Table 1, find Group M (mercantile) in left hand column and follow across to the Type of Construction VB to find the minimum cost per sq. ft for a Mercantile Occupancy and Construction type

VB - $87.49 per sq. ft.

$87.49 per sq. ft. x 0.85 (SC Modifier) =$74.37 x 22655 = $1,684,852.35 Calculated Valuation

Using The Valuation of $1,684,852.35 (Round to the nearest 1,000 EX: $1,685,000)

  1. Deduct each Sub Contractors Cost from the Calculated Valuation.
  2. The remaining Calculated Valuation will be the General Contractors cost.
  3. Using the Building Codes Fee Schedule Table 2, calculate all fees (building, plumbing, electrical, & mechanical etc..)
  4. The Plan Review fee will be ½ of all permit fee.

Square Foot Construction Costs

Commercial Building Fee Process (printable version)