Mobile Home Set Up Guidelines


  • A Mobile Home Move/Set-up Permit is required to be issued prior to placement of a home on the property. The application form is located on our website and can be printed and filled out.
  • Manufactured Homes Must Be Installed By a SC Licensed Installer in accordance with the South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board guidelines. For more information or to check a license go to:

All manufactured homes must be installed and inspected in accordance with the applicable codes and ordinances of Spartanburg County and the State of South Carolina.

Water & Sewage
For public sewer, a sewer tap will be required from the sewer district. 

If a septic tank is required, application for the septic tank will be made through the Spartanburg County Building Codes office or the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

All water lines, sewer drainage pipes, and connections shall be buried a minimum of twelve (12) inched below grade.

Tie Downs, Anchors, & Piers
Manufactured homes must be tied down, anchored and piers installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements. If the specifications are not available, the State requirements should be used. The state requirements can be viewed online at  appendix A.

Set Backs
Please check with the Spartanburg County Planning Department at 864-596-3570 to obtain the required setbacks.

  • In accordance with the ULMO of Spartanburg County Section 3.03 Manufactured Homes, International Residential Code (IRC), and the National Electrical Code (NEC) as adopted by Spartanburg County and the State of South Carolina, this guideline is provided to offer a listing and explanation of requirements for inspection of a manufactured home. Inspections are NOT limited by these guidelines and are subject to change.
  • All manufactured homes are required to be set-up per the manufacturer’s installation instructions. If the home is older and the instructions are not available, the home must be set up per the Manufactured Housing Board Installation Regulations. These regulations may be viewed online at: South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board Regulations:  Appendix A.
  • Homeowners cannot install their own homes even if they plan to reside in the home. This is the policy of the Manufactured Housing Board. If you have questions concerning the State policy, please contact the Board at 803-896-4682.
  • Permit cards must be posted at the meter base or on the front door of the home. The inspector will sign the card if the inspection has passed. A notice of corrections will be left at the home if the inspection was not approved.
  • Inspections must be scheduled before 6:30 A.M. Inspection request called in after 6:30 A.M. will be scheduled the next business day. To schedule an inspection call 864-596-3160. 
  • Call or visit the power company serving your area to make an application for power (even if you are an existing customer).

Mobile Home Set Up Guidlines (printable version)