Manufactured Home Electrical Power Supply

Wiring Specifications

  • All service wires should be protected from physical and weather damage by conduit and the proper conduit connectors. The conduit shall be continuous from the outside service equipment to the inside panel. Conduit outside manufactured home foundation/footprint shall be buried 18 inches below grade. Once under the manufactured home, the conduit can be supported by the ground or strapped to the frame with approved hangers or straps.
  • Make sure to maintain 36 inches of clear space in front of your service equipment. This is measured from the front of the equipment straight out.
  • The main service equipment enclosure shall be bonded to the neutral buss-bar. Grounding of the main service equipment shall be made by means of a # 6 solid copper wire to two  approved 8 foot ground rod driven in the ground near service equipment.
  • The power feeder from the main service equipment to the inside panel shall consist of 4 insulated, color coded conductors. The black wire conductors shall be connected to the load side of the main disconnect breaker located in the service panel and to the line side of the main breaker in the panel box inside the manufactured home.
  • Both the white and green wires are connected to the grounded neutral buss-bar in the main service equipment. In the panel box inside the manufactured home, the white wire is connected to the neutral buss-bar and the green wire is connected to the separate equipment grounding buss that is bonded to the panel box enclosure.

Make sure to use a 4 wire insulated conductor approved for the ampacity of the panel’s main breaker and rated for installation in a wet location or ground contact. 

Conductor Types and Sizes
Amps2- Hot Neutral Ground2- Hot Neutral Ground

Electrical Diagram Documents: