Kitchen Hood Suppression System Inspection

1. Verify the following:

  • Light test on grease duct (Before duct is mounted on hood)
  • Signage of manual pull stations
  • Location, size, and type of extinguishing agent
  • Proper size pipe
  • Proper pipe support
  • Proper nozzle type
  • Nozzle location
  • Observe air movement through all system nozzles
  • Observe fusible link
  • Observe activation of manual pull stations
  • Observe deactivation of fuel sources under hood during all test (Gas & Electric)
  • Observe deactivation of make-up air on test activation of system (exhaust air shall remain operational)
  • Observe activation of fire alarm notification appliances during all test and verify that the signal is received at the FACP or at device
  • Verify proper placement of K fire extinguisher. Class K fire extinguisher shall be located within 30 feet of cooking equipment
  •  If multiple systems, verify coordination of system of system components, 3 inch high numbers or letters shall be used to identify hoods, pull stations, and system cabinets for each system
  • Capture and containment test (Verify capture & containment performance of the exhaust system)

Kitchen Hood Suppression System Inspection (printable version)