Building and Site Inspections

1. Verify building address posted in minimum six (6) inch high numbers/letters. Address posting shall be legible and visible from the street fronting the property. If the building is located more than 50m feet from the street, address numbers/letter shall be posted at the street

2. Verify proper location of Knox Box(s)

3. Knox boxes shall be installed per the local Fire Department requirements

4. Keys to all doors and pad locks shall be placed inside Knox Box at time of final inspection

  • Occupant load of assembly spaces (If applicable) shall be posted in a conspicuous location at or near the main entrance of the room or space
  • Verify location of fire extinguishers
  • Consult approved plans for locations
  • Verify appropriate size (Min. 5# ABC)
  • Extinguishers shall be installed at a maximum travel distance of 75 feet
  • Extinguishers shall be installed a maximum of 5 feet to the top of the extinguisher above the finished floor level and shall be unobstructed from access or view. Provide signage as required
  • If installed in cabinets, and if cabinets are installed in rated walls, cabinets must be listed and marked as “Fire Rated” cabinets

5. Verify proper location of exit signs and emergency lights. Exit signs and emergency lights shall be tested in both normal and emergency power modes

6. Verify exit door operation

  • All exit doors shall be opened to ensure proper operation
  • Exit path shall lead to a public way
  • Exit door hardware shall be of approved type and operation
  • 7. Verify building door signage
  • Provide the letters “FACP” on all unobvious doors that give access to the fire alarm control panel. Lettering shall be minimum 3 inch high letters in contrast to the door colors
  • Provide letters “Riser Room” on all doors that provide access to a sprinkler riser. Lettering shall be minimum 3 inch high letters in contrast with the door colors
  • Provide Letters “Electrical Room” on all doors that give access into electrical control panels or main disconnects. Lettering shall be minimum 3 inch high and in contrast with door colors
  • Provide on all suite access doors the suite number or letter. Suite letters or numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches in height and in contrast with the door colors

8. Verify fire lanes are appropriately marked

  • Fire Department access roads are required to extend within 150 feet of all parts of the exterior of the first floor of the structure as measured by an approved route around the exterior of the building
  • Where designated, fire lanes shall not be less than 20 feet wide at any point. Curves and corners shall be wide enough to permit the passage or operation of all fire apparatus. The surface of the fire lanes shall be all weather surface and shall be of sufficient strength to support all firefighting apparatus (70,000 pounds)
  • All fire lanes and access roads shall be maintained free of obstructions and properly marked by signage or pavement markings

Building and Site Inspections (printable version)