Subdivision Regulations and Plat Review

Introduction to Subdivision Regulations

The process of converting raw land into building sites is one of the most important factors in the growth of Spartanburg County. There are few activities that have a more lasting effect upon our community’s environment and appearance. Once land is developed and streets and buildings are constructed, the basic character of this addition to the County has become firmly established.

The South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act defines subdivision as the division of a tract or parcel of land into two or more lots for the purpose (immediate or future) of sale, lease, or building development.  Spartanburg County will review in-depth only those subdivisions that require public infrastructure as defined in the Subdivision Regulations.  The ordinance provides standards to coordinate proposed road locations as part of a subdivision with other existing or planned roads, ensure adequate and timely construction of infrastructure, and encourage the best environment for the health, safety, welfare, convenience, and prosperity of current and future residents of Spartanburg County.

Subdivision Regulations are to be used in conjunction with: Spartanburg County Stormwater Ordinance, Performance Zoning Ordinance, Public Works Departmental Policy, as well as the Road Access Policy, the Private Road Policy, and the Utility Policy of the Spartanburg County Planning Commission where applicable. Additional regulations of the Army Corps of Engineers, SCDOT, SCDHEC, FEMA and the County Flood Policy, etc. may also apply.

Plat Review 

In accordance with South Carolina State Code, no subdivision plat or other land development plan may be filed or recorded in the Register of Deeds Office until the plat or plan bears the stamp of approval by the designated authority. For subdivisions in unincorporated Spartanburg County, designated authority has been granted to specific staff of the Planning and Development Department identified by the Spartanburg County Planning Commission to approve plats on their behalf as long as regulations as set forth are met.

Plat review can be as simple as what we refer to as over-the-counter plat review or as detailed as a large subdivision plat review and approval process. Over-the-counter plat review for the simple subdivision of one parcel into two parcels can normally be accomplished within a few minutes once the plat has been submitted to our staff as long as the plat meets some basic requirements such as proper access, site distances, plans for development needing public infrastructure, and recordable quality.  Larger subdivisions require a more detailed and lengthy plan review by other departments and agencies. 

A subdivision located within a municipality must first be approved by the municipality in order to receive approval for recording in the Register of deeds Office.

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