Sign Regulations


New sign regulations were implemented county wide January 1, 2020 and can be found in the Performance Zoning Ordinance, Article 7. All new signs in Spartanburg County require view and approval by Planning and Development prior to issuance of sign permits and installation.

7.6.30 Political Campaign Signs - Signs announcing candidates seeking public office or relating to any election or public referendum shall be allowed. Such signs shall be placed only on private property 60 days prior to the election or referendum, and removed within seven days after the election or referendum. These signs do not have to be set back from road rights-of-way but may not be within the road right-of-ways. There is no fee associated with Political Signs.

Billboards are addressed as Advertising Signs which can be found in Chapter 8, of the Performance Zoning Ordinance.


Sign Permit Application

*if footing and/or electrical inspections are needed, see Building Codes Sign Permit Application below.

Building Codes Sign Permit Application

Helpful sign information


Refer to Quick Reference Chart 7.2.10  in the Performance Zoning Ordinance  to determine status of signs and whether it has a fee associated with the sign . Also, Section 7.7.30 Maximum Display Area , Height , and Number of Signs, will provide important information regarding Static Display , Changeable copy ,and maximum heights of signs allowed.

 * Section 7.7.50 on opposite page  will supersede the chart in Section 7.7.30 based on road classification  *

Business Signs - Any signs, pictorial or otherwise, regardless of size or shape, which direct attention to a business, commodity, attraction, profession, service, or entertainment conducted, sold, offered, manufactured, existing, or provided on the premises where the sign is located or to which it is affixed. Such signs shall also include such representations painted on or otherwise affixed to any exterior portion of a business. Business signs are sometimes called on-premise signs. Refer to Performance Zoning Ordinance, 7.2.00.

Temporary Signs - Signs which are not permanently installed in the ground or affixed to any structure or building, and which are erected or displayed for a period of time as allowed in this Ordinance. Refer to Performance Zoning Ordinance, 7.2.00.