General Sessions WebEx Hearing Information

WebEx hearings are being held for motions filed on all cases where defendants are currently detained. If your client is not detained, we ask that you coordinate with our motions docket clerk for the best way to have your motions heard. Motions Docket Clerk:   Megan Shropshier at [email protected]

WebEx Hearings are held in each judge’s virtual courtroom. You may access virtual courtrooms at (works best in Chrome). Alternately, you may access the virtual courtroom by visiting SC, click on “Calendar” at the top right hand side of the page, then click on “Monthly View,” then click on the correct court and day on the calendar.  

Once you are on the judge roster list, click the “Virtual Courtroom” link below the judge assigned to your court hearing. The judge’s virtual courtroom page will appear with instructions. You will be asked to “Join Event Now” by entering your name and email address; this will allow the judge to see you in attendance. You will not be seen or heard by anyone until the judge (or judge’s assistant) allows you access. As always, if you have further questions or concerns, you may contact the clerk directly at [email protected]