Motions Docket Information

Contact Information:

Motions Docket Clerk: Megan Shropshier
Phone: 864-596-3875
[email protected]             

The General Session Motion Docket in Spartanburg County is created by the Clerk of Court’s Office. You will find the details for our motions docket listed below. Please pay special attention to the rules created by our Chief Administration Judge for General Session. 

If you would like to file a motion in general sessions, you have three options: 

  1. You may file by email at this address: Megan Shropshier at [email protected]
  2. You may mail your motion and copies to 180 Magnolia St. Spartanburg, SC  29306. Please put Attn: General Session Motions
  3. You may bring your motion into our office for filing.  

Per Chief Administrative Judge Keith Kelly,  Motions will be broken down into several different categories to be heard at different times. We will no longer schedule based on priorities. We will build a larger docket so that when motions fall off the docket there will be no need to add motions to the docket. We will build motion dockets 3 months in advance. Cutoff for adding motions to the docket will be one week prior to the hearing date if space is still available on the next motions docket.

A.      Initial Bond Motions 

  1. Will be set Wednesday morning each GS non-jury week
  2. That time frame will allow for the 30 day limit on hearing initial bond motions

B.      Pro Se Motions 

  1. Both defense and state motions for pro se litigants will be set on Wednesday afternoon.  
  2. This will allow for specific dates for defendant notification; bench warrants will be more appropriate if the date for the revocation or other state motion does not change.  

C.      All other motions 

  1.  We will have ½ day for motions on Friday morning during GS trial weeks. 
  2.  They will be set by clock date on a first come first serve basis. 
  3.  If a continuance is requested by the moving party, the motion must be refiled.  

D.      Back up motions docket 

     i.    We will create a backup motions docket for CP weeks. 

     ii.   This should consist of jail motions (ex: HD conversions, Bond Revocations,  
                                    reinstatements of HD, Rescinding BWs, bond amendments, refile of bond.) 

     iii.   The back up dockets will be built a week or two in advance so that the attorneys know that                                            their presence will be expected for these dockets.