Automobile Arbitration

The South Carolina Automobile Reparation Reform Act of 1974 (§§ 38-77-710, et seq.) created a procedure for the arbitration of property damage claims arising out of motor vehicle collisions and accidents. Records for these arbitrations are maintained by the Clerk of Court. Once the resident judge has issued an order of reference appointing an attorney or attorneys as member(s) of an arbitration panel, the clerk is responsible for assigning members of the panel to hear cases as they arise.

Please use the following forms to process your case: 

1.      Claim for Property Damage

2.      Summons for Arbitration

3.      Affidavit of Service

4.      Notice of Assignment as Arbitrator

5.      Notice of Arbitration Hearing

6.      Entering and Filing of Decision Upon Arbitration (this form is to be printed on the back of the Claim for arbitration form.)

7.      Agreement

8.      Subpoena and Subpoena Duces Tecum