Rule to Show Cause Hearings

As per South Carolina Rules for Family Court Rule 24, the Spartanburg County Child Support Enforcement Office reviews and monitors all support cases where a defendant has been ordered to pay through the Clerk of Court’s Office.  Under that rule, a defendant becomes eligible for a Rule to Show Cause Hearing when a payment is “at least five working days” late. SCRFC 24(a).

Once the Rule to Show Cause Hearing date has been set, both the plaintiff and the defendant will be served with notice for the hearing by either the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Department or the court-designated process server. Failure of a defendant to appear for his/her Rule to Show Cause Hearing may result in a bench warrant being issued for his/her arrest.

Once you have been set for a Rule to Show Cause Hearing, you must attend your court appearance. You cannot pay your arrears balance to avoid court.

**On March 4, 2021, the South Carolina Supreme Court issued an order stating all in-person hearings may begin on that date. Please find the order here. Please pay close attention to court notices and please make sure to inform our office of any changes in your address. You will find an online change of address form on the menu to the left.

UPDATED AS OF April 7, 2021