Bench Warrants

S.C. Code § 63-17-390 authorizes the court to issue a bench warrant for a defendant in various situations.

1. Defendant refuses to obey an order for support, and the court is satisfied by competent proof thereof, the court may, with or without notice, issue a warrant to commit the defendant to jail until the order is obeyed or the defendant is discharged by law.

2. Defendant is ruled into court on a Rule to Show Cause and after service of the Rule to Show Cause, he/she does not appear.

3. A bench warrant may also be issued if the process server or deputy sheriff determines, after several attempts to serve the defendant are made, that the defendant is evading service and so testifies under oath to the judge.

* It is the duty of the defendant to keep the court informed of his/her address, each time it is changed.