Spartanburg County Courthouse

The approximately 340,000 sq. ft. courthouse will consolidate activities that were previously located in separate county and municipal facilities.  The six story $120 million facility will be constructed with a steel structure and precast façade designed to resemble marble.  Courthouse plans include 17 courtrooms, 1 hearing room, jury assembly room, jury deliberation rooms, and shell spaces for future use.  The courts are organized symbolically based on the status of the courts with supporting offices and ancillary functions. 

The office for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is located on the top floor, along with the Circuit Court, which is the court of general jurisdiction.  Courts of limited jurisdiction include the Family Court, Probate Court, Magistrate Court, and Municipal Court.  Due to public volume and certain operating hours, the Municipal and Magistrate Courts are located lowest in the building, with the Family and Probate Courts occupying the middle floors. 

Space will also be provided for the various Clerk of Court functions, Sheriff Courthouse security and court holding, Solicitor, Public Defender, Juvenile Justice, Guardian ad Litem, and other ancillary support components. 

The judicial center will be located on the existing site on Magnolia Street which is bordered by St. John Street, N. Daniel Morgan Avenue, and Library Street will also include a secure parking area with approximately 32 spaces for judges and officials.  ADA parking spaces will also be constructed on the site. 

A central energy plant will be constructed on the site to contain all equipment, utilities, apparatus, and structures necessary to provide electricity, both primary and emergency back-up, hot water and chilled water in quantities and specifications sufficient to supply the operation of the existing judicial facility and to the new courthouse during and after construction. At conclusion of the courthouse construction, the existing judicial center will be demolished and replaced with a public plaza.

Courthouse Renderings: