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Posted on: May 23, 2022

Everything you need to know about the 2022-23 Spartanburg County Resurfacing Program


Work will be done by Rogers Group in contract with the Spartanburg County Roads and Bridges Department. The current project was bid at $21 million.  It will begin in June of 2022 and is expected to be completed by December of 2023.

There will be some inconvenience, but it’s worth it!

Spartanburg County Road Improvements Program can include the following processes:

  • Widening non-subdivision through roads to include:
    • Tree removal and ditch regrading, along with mailbox turnouts and new pavement. Through roads will have widening work done where required.
    • At one time, the road widths were sufficient for the traffic loads. However, since then, the traffic has more than doubled--including delivery vehicles--so the roads need to be widened where possible to accommodate our higher traffic volumes. 
  • CMRB = Cement Modified Recycled Base and Surface Asphalt Process:
    • Through roads and appropriate Subdivision roads
    • This process includes asphalt edge milling, pulverizing of the existing asphalt into the stone base (8"-12" deep), and adding cement to create a stabilized (modified) base.
    • The stabilized base is then fine graded, cured for 72 hours, and proof rolled approximately 3-7 days prior to installing 2"-4" Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA).
  • Milling the road full depth and replacing the asphalt:
    • Some Subdivision roads that are not good candidates for CMRB
    • This process entails a milling machine removing 5.25” of asphalt and stone base, doing a proof roll, installing 3.5” of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Intermediate asphalt and then completing the work with 2” of HMA Surface asphalt.
    • The HMA Intermediate asphalt will be installed the same day the full-depth milling takes place. The HMA Surface course asphalt may be installed the day following to allow the product to cool prior to the final lift of asphalt.

Processes vary per neighborhood and per road.


  • Town Roads: This year, we will be starting off in the municipal areas of Lyman, Cowpens, Chesnee, and Pacolet.
  • Through Roads: Some County through roads that will be worked on include: Clark Road, Kist Road, New Hope Drive, and Florence Street.

Kist Road - Reclamation on Kist Road is scheduled for October 10th through the 22nd. Milling and pavement preparation work is scheduled for October 24th through approximately November 4th. The first lift of asphalt will be paved and shoulder and ditching work should begin on November 5th, continuing through November 19th. The final lift of asphalt will follow along with restoration and should be completed by December 1st.

Clark Road - Reclamation work on Clark Road is scheduled to begin on October 14th and will continue through the end of the month. Milling and pavement preparation work will follow immediately. The goal is to complete work on Clark to Bishop Road, or potentially to the I-26 overpass, this year. The Pavement Resurfacing work will begin again in March of 2023.

  • Subdivisions: Brinkley Subdivision and Ashton & WIlliston Streets in Bradford Commons Subdivision

Additional road announcements to follow in the Fall of 2022.


  • Parking in the street is not allowed during roadwork hours (6:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.).
  • Access to driveways may be limited throughout the work day. However, residents can speak to the contractor to arrange access as needed.
  • Dust, construction noise, and traffic delays should be expected.
  • Watch for wet concrete, newly sprayed asphalt tack coat.
  • Avoid driving on roads when possible during construction hours.
  • To help with dust and noise, please close your house and vehicle windows during construction. 


-To more safely allow vehicles passing in each direction, there is planned widening for most through roads, from a typical 18’ (2 each 9’ wide lanes) to 20’-24’ (10’ to 12’ wide lanes).

-Did you know that most existing roads started as “farm-to-market” roads? They were used to bring produce or other goods into the cities.

-These early “farm-to-market” roads were originally just made of dirt. Shoulders were a luxury and drainage pipe culverts were few and far between.

-There are many of the “farm-to-market" roads that are still only 15’ wide!

-Did you know that there are more than 222,000 registered vehicles on 1,750 miles of Spartanburg County roads? That is an average of almost 130 vehicles per road at any given moment.

-Spartanburg County population has doubled since 1970, which means the vehicle traffic has more than doubled.

-With much more vehicle traffic than ever before, for safety and improved traffic flow, it is time for substantial roadway improvements.


If you have any questions, please contact our Pavement Program Manager Sherry Wright at [email protected].

This webpage will be updated frequently. Check back quarterly for more information.

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