Planning and Development


366 N Church St
Main Level, Suite 700
Spartanburg, SC 29303

366 N Church St
Suite 700
Spartanburg, SC 29303


Hours of Operation

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Monday - Friday

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Holliday, AICP, Joan E. Director 864-596-3570  
Oakman, Laurie Planner IV Team Lead (Zoning) 864-596-3173  
Bollinger, AICP, Lisa Long Range Planning Team Lead 864-596-3472  
Dull, Sherry Senior Transportation Planner 864-596-3471  
Pires, Rui Planner IV Team Lead (GIS) 864-598-7033  
Gibbs, Bonnie Development Coordinator Il (Zoning) 864-598-7013  
MacDonald, Leigh Deputy Director 864-596-3463  
Dill, Rachel Planner ll (Subdivisions) 864-596-3484  
Tate, Linda Senior Administrative Assistant 864-596-3157  
Dewitt, Jeff Senior Planner (Zoning) 864-598-7060  
Ford, Jay Zoning Enforcement Officer 864-598-7056  
Helm, Juliet Development Technician 864-596-3458  
Thomas, Ben Planner IV Team Lead (Subdivisions) 864-598-7053  
Bridges, Landon Intern 864-596-3460  
Frady, Jason Planner III (Subdivisions) 596-3476  
Reynolds, Charity Development Coordinator I 864-596-3689  
Perez, Lupita Development Technician 864-596-3455