If I am accepted in the program, what will I be required to do?
Program requirements vary based on your charge(s), but generally, participants are required to complete community service work, attend counseling/education, attend a prison presentation, take random drug screens, pay restitution and attend case management appointments. Your specific program requirements will be given to you at your first appointment with your counselor. Counseling is a separate cost from PTI fees.Click Here for a Table Detailing Costs

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1. How long will it take before I know if my case has been accepted into PTI?
2. Will you call me or send a letter?
3. When do I have to pay the $250 program fee?
4. If my application for PTI is rejected, what happens next?
5. If I pay my $100 application fee and then my case is rejected because of some prior convictions or because I have been through PTI before, can I get my money back?
6. I applied to PTI and paid my application fee, do I have to appear in court?
7. I applied to PTI in Spartanburg County, but I just got a new job in another county/state. Can I transfer my PTI case?
8. If I am accepted in the program, what will I be required to do?
9. What happens after I complete all of my program requirements?
10. Does the expungement really destroy all of my information?
11. How long do I have to pay for my expungement?