Do the recyclables actually get recycled or does it all just get thrown away?

Recyclables definitely do get recycled. Recycling is a huge business, and there is value in the recyclable products. Recyclables are taken to local vendors who process the materials and sell them on the open market. Spartanburg County generates revenue through the sale of recyclables. While recycling is important, it is just one step in the "3 R's" process, and we promote reducing, reusing, and recycling in that order. We urge residents to consider the end-of-life disposal options for products they buy, and we also encourage residents to research product packaging and choose to buy products made from recycled materials. Buying products that are made from recycled materials is arguably more important than recycling items; buying products made from recycled materials creates a demand that processors and manufacturers of recycled goods require to stay in business and to keep recycling. The well-known recycling symbol represents the 3 steps in the recycling process: 1) residents recycle their waste products, 2) manufacturers turn those waste products into new recycled materials, and 3) consumers purchase goods made from those recycled materials.

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8. Do the recyclables actually get recycled or does it all just get thrown away?