What are the fees on my tax notice?
1. County Landfill Fee Sec. 66-5 Spartanburg County Code. Sec. 66-5. –Service charge on
residential properties. An annual landfill service charge is hereby levied upon all residential
properties, including mobile home and farm residences, in the county. The service charge shall
be levied on individual residential units located in apartments and duplexes and on individual
mobile home parking spaces located in mobile home parks. The service charge shall be added
to the annual tax bill of the owners of such residential properties and collected at the same time
and subject to the same provisions as county taxes. Unpaid service charges shall constitute a
lien against the property charged, superior to all other liens and encumbrances except only the
lien for property taxes, and such unpaid service charges shall accrue interest and penalties as
provided for property taxes. The method provided in this section for the enforcement of the
collection of past due service charges shall not be the exclusive method of enforcing such
collections, and the council may enforce the collection of any service charge in any other lawful
2. The ordinance above refers to the county’s residential landfill fee enacted in 1980. There is
no provision for properties that qualify for a tax exemption under the State Code of Laws
(Section 12-37-220) to be excluded from the fee. The municipal fees may also be included on
exempt properties, so they would be receiving a bill for a fee on an otherwise tax exempt
4. Municipal fees. These fees may consist of storm water fees, solid waste service fees,
property maintenance fees, or demolition fees, etc. Reference Sections 6-1-330, 5-7-300, 5-7-
80 and 48-14-120 of the SC Code of Laws. Municipal fees were added to the Assessor
database beginning with the 2011 tax year. We are required to manage the addition of the fees
to assessor database from a data file provided by the municipalities. If a change is warranted,
the municipality will execute refunds or adjustments directly to the taxpayer. The County is not
expected to reissue any tax bills due to any municipal fee changes. This includes requests for
combinations of parcels to avoid the fees. Taxpayer inquiries about the fees should be directed
to the appropriate municipality.
City of Spartanburg – 864-562-4510 Storm water fees and residential garbage fees are
combined and loaded as a single total fee called “CSFT” (City of Spartanburg Fee Total).
City of Greer – 864-848-2175 Total storm water and public service fee which was loaded as a
single total fee called “CGFT” (City of Greer Fee Total).
Town of Pacolet – 864-474-9504 Sanitation Fee based on the county’s existing landfill fee
residential unit indicator. The fee is $45 and is called “CPAC” (City of Pacolet).
City of Duncan – 864-439-4875 Public Works fee of $60 was loaded on each parcel in the City
of Duncan. The fee is called “CDUN” (City of Duncan).
City of Landrum – 864-457-3000 Landrum provided specific amounts to cover city expenses
for demolition and cleanup. The fee is called “CLFT” (City of Landrum Fee Total).

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