I purchased mobile home from a dealer or individual. I have not received a tax notice.
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1. The acreage on my tax notice is incorrect.
2. How can I have my mailing address corrected on my tax notice?
3. I am purchasing property under contract. Can tax notice be mailed to my address?
4. How are appraisals determined?
5. Why are similar properties appraised at different amounts?
6. When is the next reappraisal?
7. How do I appeal the appraisal?
8. Can I sell my property for this appraisal?
9. What is the difference between the appraised value and the assessed value?
10. I no longer own this property. What should I do with this tax notice?
11. I have owned this property one or more years. I have not received a tax notice.
12. I purchased property this year. Will I get a tax notice?
13. I recently divorced. How do I get former spouse’s name removed from the tax notice?
14. What exemptions are available to taxpayers?
15. Church received tax notice. Should churches be automatically exempt of taxes?
16. What are the fees on my tax notice?
17. Are the maps on the Assessor’s Web?
18. Where can I get a topographical map?
19. How did you get the legal description or the location address of the property?
20. Why do I get separate notices for my land and mobile home?
21. How can I combine my mobile home and land taxes?
22. Do mobile homes depreciate every year?
23. Mobile home burned years ago. Why am I still receiving tax notice?
24. Mobile home is unlivable. Am I required to continue paying taxes on it?
25. Why do I pay taxes on my mobile home if it will be moved out of the county?
26. I moved my mobile home to another county. Why am I still receiving a tax bill?
27. Why am I required to get a mobile home permit?
28. How much does a mobile home permit cost?
29. Mobile home no longer belongs to me. I continue to get a tax notice.
30. My mobile home was repossessed years ago. Why am I still receiving a tax notice?
31. I purchased a mobile home/land package deal. My attorney handled my paperwork. Why is the mobile home still in the prior owner’s name?
32. I purchased mobile home from a dealer or individual. I have not received a tax notice.
33. I inherited mobile home from deceased relative. How do I get mobile home into my name?
34. Additional owner names missing from tax notice.
35. Names are misspelled on tax notice.
36. Tax notice has incorrect or incomplete property location. Am I being taxed for the right property and how can I get it corrected?
37. If I have been assessed at the wrong assessment ratio, how can I apply for a refund?
38. I applied for a refund and have not received it yet.
39. I received a rollback tax notice(s). What is it for?
40. Why do the current and previous year taxes differ so much?
41. How are taxes calculated?
42. Can I appeal this year’s taxes?
43. Can I pay these taxes under protest?
44. When are real estate taxes due?
45. I never received my tax notice; have not received the duplicate tax notice I requested
46. My first tax notice was incorrect. I have not received a revised tax notice yet.
47. I received two tax notices with different amounts. Which is correct?
48. Is it possible to pay taxes without tax notice in hand?
49. My mortgage company pays my taxes. Why did I receive tax notice?
50. Why did the levy go up? How was the levy determined?