Why Have Reappraisal?
The sole purpose of reappraisal is to ensure fairness in the property tax system. In a property tax system, a taxpayer's fair share is determined by the value of the property he or she owns as compared to the value of the property owned by the other taxpayers in the jurisdiction. The value of property changes over time and some properties change in value more than others. If the values used for taxation purposes are not in line with current market values, there is no assurance that any taxpayer is being charged his or her fair share. From the time your property is added to the tax rolls, the appraisal does not change unless there is a change to the property that will affect the market value (such as a new structure, an addition to an existing structure, the removal of a structure, a change in the use of land) or a reappraisal program. Fair and equitable taxes are not possible unless appraisals are made in light of current market conditions. Only real estate property values are affected by reappraisal. South Carolina law requires counties to implement reappraisal programs every five years. After implementing the 2013 program, work began on the 2018 program. Values of personal property such as cars, boats, and motorcycles are kept current through annual updates by the South Carolina Department of Revenue and Taxation.

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