When and where do you advertise for the sale?
Bids must be submitted for the advertising of tax sale in the newspaper. When the bid is awarded, a link on our website will be provided to the newspaper's website where the advertisements will appear when the ads are available. By State law, the properties must be advertised once a week for three consecutive weeks before the sale.

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1. When will your next sale be held?
2. Where is it held and what time does it begin?
3. When and where do you advertise for the sale?
4. Can you send me a list of the liens that will be available?
5. Do I need to register for the sale and is there a fee for this?
6. What form of payment do you accept?
7. What happens to the liens that are not sold at the auction?
8. If I end up with a property, does the county handle the foreclosure process?
9. Can I bid without attending (via mail, or a representative)?