Can I throw my trash into a private dumpster even if it is not labeled private?

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1. Who do I contact to report a bite or scratch by an animal?
2. My neighbors pets keeps coming into my yard, what can be done about it?
3. Does the local Animal Control Ordinance restrict the number of pets a person may have?
4. What department would I report a dead animal to that is along or on the roadways?
5. What department would I contact for issues involving wildlife animals?
6. How do I contact Spartanburg City Animal Control and other surrounding Animal Control Agencies?
7. Who do I contact about the County Adopt A Road Program?
8. What department would I contact about a roadway needing the litter removed?
9. What is the height requirements on weeds and grass on someone's property in order for it to be an enforceable violation?
10. What does our local Ordinance require for any derelict vehicle on a property. Can it be placed under a car cover or a tarp?
11. Does our local Ordinance address tree limbs and other natural items hanging over property boundries and creating a nuisance to neighbors?
12. My property was placed in noncompliance for not having electricity and water. Can I get only one service turned back on and then be in compliance with the Ordinance?
13. How do I contact Spartanburg City Property Maintenance Department?
14. Does the department enforce neighborhood covenants?
15. Do I need to file an appeal to gain more time?
16. What happens after the 20 day violation notice that Property Maintenance issued has expired?
17. What can I do if leaves from my neighbors property blows onto my property?
18. Can an Officer issue a citation for a violation and I still remain anonymous?
19. Can I throw my trash into a private dumpster even if it is not labeled private?
20. May I leave my trash at the recycling station after normal working hours or on holidays?
21. Do I have to cover my trash load even if it is bagged?