Why is a New Judicial Center being Proposed?

According to the May 2017 report by Justice Planning Associates, Inc:

  • The Spartanburg County Judicial Center, which opened in 1958, is overcrowded and does not meet modern standards with respect to security or technology.
  • The building is unable to provide separate and secure zones for the public, prisoners, judges, jurors, and court staff. This creates a safety issue, as well as potentially compromises the integrity of the judicial process.
  • The building opened in 1958 with 3 courtrooms, and over time, that number has grown to 14 courtrooms. The added courtrooms are located in converted office space, with inadequate room dimensions and low ceiling heights.
  • The majority of problems cannot be fixed within the existing facility, regardless of the amount of money spent.
  • Other specific issues:
    • Overcrowded public and staff spaces
    • Most Courtrooms do not meet recommended standards
    • Inaccessible spaces for some members of the public, including witness stands, jury boxes, and jury deliberation room toilets
    • Lack of conferencing and victim waiting spaces near courtrooms
    • Prisoner detention spaces do not meet modern detention standards
    • Inadequate heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems
  • The buildings around the existing Judicial Center are also inadequate and cannot continue to support justice system functions. These buildings exhibit similarly poor spatial, operational, and physical conditions as the Judicial Center.
  • It has been recommended that the new Judicial Center remain on the existing site, and that any functions which support that building, or have a direct relationship, also be located on that site.
  • The building has experienced water intrusion problems in the past which the County has attempted to correct, but which are likely to continue to occur due to the building’s age and construction.

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