What kind of information may I obtain?
•Dispatch Reports - the most common type of information requested are dispatch reports. Dispatch reports contain information from our dispatch system. These reports are the time-stamped activity logs for each event. They have historically been used primarily by emergency service personnel so they are sometimes hard to understand. This is NOT a report taken by an emergency responder, those must be obtained from the agency that responded to your event. Many people request these reports mistakenly thinking that they are requesting the report that a law enforcement officer made for their event. If approved for release, dispatch reports have the lowest cost and can be delivered by postal mail, Email or fax (if the fax is monitored by the requesting person).

•Audio Recordings - Every telephone in our dispatch center is recorded. These recordings are available through the Freedom Of Information Act. State law requires us to keep recordings for a minimum of 60 days, but we typically keep them longer. Telephone recordings take considerably longer to locate and copy than dispatch reports and will extend the time that your request takes to process and will increase the cost.

•Other types of information - Any information that does not meet exemption criteria under the South Carolina Code of Laws can be requested. If you are looking for information that does not fall into the two categories above, please call to inquire or submit a written request and you will be contacted.

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1. What kind of information may I obtain?
2. How do I request information about an incident?
3. How long will it take to receive the information that I am requesting?
4. What is the process of approval, denial and fulfillment of my request?
5. In what format(s) can I receive the information and what are the delivery options?
6. How much will my request cost?